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Letter From the Publisher, Maureen Hart Cary

January 2016

I Just had one of the best trips I’ve ever had. About 25 years ago, Bill’s brother Ted and his wife Karen built a boat and started sailing. 10 years later they sailed it to New Zealand, got dual citizenship and stayed.  They live on the trimaran, Sequester, moored in Opua, the Bay of Islands in one of the most beautiful spots on the bay.

We had been talking about going the last several years. We just kept throwing the usual excuses at it – too expensive, too far, don’t have time and money and so on.  With an extra motivator to go this year, we said the hell with all the excuses, lets just do it. I immediately went to the usual places of worry. Fortunately, I caught myself pretty quickly and decided to tell myself a different story. The right story, that this was the trip of a lifetime!  I was going to New Zealand! I was going to see family that I love, and who were so thrilled that we were coming! It shifted my perspective. Guess what? None of the things I worried about happened. Yes it was a long flight, but thanks to some wonderful folks along the way starting with the ticket agent at Logan who found us the best seats on all of our flights. Family took care of finding our accommodations and made sure they were stocked with food. They even made travel and destination plans designed to have plenty of relaxing time while seeing all we could. There is hardly a way to describe how grateful we are we were able to do it and how wonderful it turned out.

One of the best parts of travel is the reminder that there are over 7 billion people in the world, with lots of different beliefs and ways to live. A favorite part of this trip was meeting the family moored on the next boat. Husband and wife, four children, two dogs and a cat living on a catamaran that he had built. He homeschools the children while she works in town and they were just a joy to be with.  They took us out for day trips on the boat twice and on the first trip we motored along for a while with a school of 20 to 30 dolphins zigging and zagging all around the boat.

On another day we sailed on Sequester (T&Ks boat) to visit some friends of theirs that live on one of the many islands. Up until last year, the only way to get to them was by boat and they live totally off the grid.  They were in a tiny house that they had built, a separate structure for the bathroom.  They raised their children there living off the land.

Our editorial theme this month is resolutions. We will have the usual ones to try to be better this year though we may look differently at dieting after reading “Weight Loss Saboteurs” in this issue. As we approach a new year, I’m resolving to travel more and tell myself a different story to enjoy the journey. 

Happy 2017!

Maureen Cary
RI | Natural Awakenings |  401-709-2473