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May, 2017

Letter From the Publisher, Maureen Hart Cary

Hope, as a concept, was on my mind one recent day while on a walk with Bill. I had just started another 21-day meditation challenge with Oprah and Deepak Chopra. I really enjoy these; I like that they show up in my email as a gentle reminder that meditation is a good for you. I like that their themes vary, and that they include a centering thought and a mantra to help focus. While not always perfect with them, each time I start a new 21-day challenge I have great hope that I will complete it and learn from it. As this round is focused on Hope in Uncertain Times, I found myself contemplating the word “hope”. The conversation on our walk quickly came to the intersection of hope, faith and reality.

There was some traffic on the road as we walked. As cars passed by, I wondered which drivers were approaching their situation from one of several different perspectives. They could hope they arrived to work on time; they could have faith they would get to their destination safely; or the reality, depending on action taken by each individual, could come down to retaining or losing one’s job—one more late arrival could mean the loss of a job, whereas leaving slightly earlier saved one’s job.

I tend to lean toward hope most of the time, and I think it is in large part because I do have faith that things will work out. And generally they do because, in reality, I am aware of moving forward, trying to do the right thing and recognizing that I don’t like the opposite of hope. Words like pessimism and despair come to mind and those are places I do not want to live.

In another month of great editorial, our feature article “Natural Motherhood” instructs us to follow our intuition to ensure the best start for a new life. We also have several local articles about overcoming infertility through diet, massage and shifting perspective. In “Heart-Based Leadership”, Linda Seachrist tells us about women mobilizing to heal the world.  In The Joys of Grandparenting, we are reminded how important the role or grandparents is to provide the space to be joyful with the grandchildren, release expectations, just be present and enjoy.

I hope you enjoy this issue; I hope that you learn something from it; I hope that it helps you in some way on your journey. The reality is that by just picking it up and reading it, you have taken action and are on your way to a more rewarding life.

Let Spring renew your hope and Happy Mother’s Day to many,

Maureen Cary
RI | Natural Awakenings |  401-709-2473