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October, 2016

I was looking through this month’s magazine as it was getting ready for print and thinking about Linda Sechrist’s feature article “Change Makers: Inspired to Act.” I couldn’t help but notice how many people are stepping up and out into the world. From workshops for tweens, mindfulness classes, learning about which weeds you should eat to yoga teacher training; these are all people who are making a difference. Just a brief scan through our calendar listings will brings it to your attention. You want to talk about change makers? Pretty much, all the people who are part of the Natural Awakenings community are change makers.

Many of the issues that desperately need attention in today’s world cross a Natural Awakenings publisher’s desk. The number and intensity of their impacts can be frightening and can even freeze us into inaction as we realize we can’t personally give the world all that it needs. Yet the world needs all the good we can give and we are always able to make some kind of difference each day. It can begin with simple acts of kindness, loving care or peacemaking.

Rhode Island is abundant with noble souls whose heartfelt desire inspires them to act on their authentic intention to improve the quality of life for others. Some of them fill our pages each month. They offer their products and services with the pure intent of working to toward the health of people and planet serving the greater good.

As a magazine publisher, the best part of my job is having the opportunity to spread the word about all the good going on and having the privilege of connecting readers with environmentally-friendly, naturally healthy products and services all contributing to solutions. When I go for walks, I often pass others who are walking. In a simple gesture of kindness and friendliness I always try to smile. I sometimes think I may be smiling at someone who needs one and others I smile hoping I’ll get one back because I need one. I’d like to believe in that one moment, I am a change maker. It’s a touch otherwise undone. Whether we feel internally prompted to offer a smile to a stranger, hold open a door or become a leading social activist, we are all capable of being change makers. It doesn’t have to be with grand gestures or curing cancer to make a difference. Just by seeing the world glowing with peace, joy and happiness is a choice each one of us can make to help change the world every day.

While it can be easy to get sucked into the negativity spread by careless media and fall into a mindset that bad can outweigh good in the world, I believe that only the tiny fraction of the world’s population embodies ill intention. The overwhelming majority of humanity are good-hearted do-gooders able to banish the dark corners with our collective light. Our hats are off to light-filled change makers everywhere.

I am a big believer in the concept of do what you can, when you can. If collectively we all do what we can, together we can raise the consciousness and enrich all of our lives.

Maureen Cary
RI | Natural Awakenings |  401-709-2473