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May 2018

Letter From the Publisher, Maureen Hart Cary

May is my favorite month for so many reasons. Lilacs, Cinco De Mayo, my last month working in corporate America, my birthday and our women’s health issue are only just a few.  It seems to hold so much promise of warmer days, fresh vegetables, cook outs and good times!

I’ve been finding great wisdom in a book I’m reading: Fear Less: Living Beyond Fear, Anxiety, Anger and Addiction by Dean Sluyter.  On the outside, others see me as super calm and relaxed, but on the inside, my stomach is often in a ball of anxiety.  Over nothing really; just the scads of life’s little things that worry isn’t going to change anyway (although I convince myself that my worrying keeps everything in line.)

In the book, Sluyter talks about a scene in the movie Bridge of Spies between a lawyer, played by Tom Hanks, and his client who is a convicted spy. As they prepare for trial, realizing the client will most likely get the death sentence, Hanks asks him how he is not worked up about his impending doom. The reply, “Would it help?” delivered without emotion, was profound.  With many different ways of looking at the futileness of worry, at the end of the day, those three little words really struck me.  With that kind of wisdom, I’m hoping to match my outer and inner Zen more often.

Over the years, I’ve learned there is a connection between how I feel mentally and how my body feels.  The better care I take of my health, the better food choices, along with proper rest and exercise, the stronger my mind feels as well. This issue is packed with some great resources on how to do just that.  Our article “Personalized Health Care,” on page 22, talks about how functional medicine is becoming more mainstream. By looking at the whole person, it looks to address the cause of illness rather than just treating the symptom. With the advanced technology we now have at our disposal, even our genes can be taken into account to find the best possible treatment for an individual’s mind, body and soul.

Look to “Five Reasons to Love a Cat,” on page 36, if you’re searching for another way to take care of yourself. I have entire conversations with my cats; they are great listeners, seldom interrupt and don’t judge. Studies confirm what many of us have known all along: having a household pet keeps us healthier and happier; making it likely we’ll live longer and enjoy it more. Plus it seems to be good for the cats. What’s not to like?

Enjoy the most wonderful month of the year!


Maureen Cary
RI | Natural Awakenings |  401-709-2473

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