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July 2018

Letter From the Publisher, Maureen Hart Cary

I really enjoy starting my day with a walk, letting my mind wander in so many random thoughts. Today I was thinking about the evolution of electronics. I remember how excited I was with my first Walkman (carried in a fanny pack no less!) to the wonders of my whole library of music on my iPod. And now? I just use Pandora on my phone and can have different endless genres to support my mood.  While I really enjoy music when I walk, I also enjoy walking and chatting with Bill when we can and I also like the quiet sometimes, listening to the birds and, if I’m lucky, the donkey in the neighborhood will say hi too. Mostly I like being. That is such a powerful thing I’ll say it again.  I like being, and walking outside, and experiencing everything.

As much as I love nature and being outdoors, caring for the yard has just never been my thing.  I’ve tended toward the traditional gender roles where I’d be inside doing laundry and cleaning, while the lawn was being mowed or holes dug for planting outside.  That traditional partnership has served us well over the years. I’d do my part and he would do his so when we’re done, the house was clean and there was food to eat and the lawn was mowed.  Up until last month that is. I used to be able to say that I had never mowed a lawn in 55 years. 

Due to a crazy set of circumstances in our very full life, we recently purchased a lawn mower and I can no longer say that I have never mowed a lawn.  Not being a natural with motors, I carefully wrote down all the directions, took a picture of it with my phone so when I’m on the lawn I can refer to my notes.  Takes a little longer, and I try not to have to go in reverse very often (oh, you didn’t think it was a push mower did you? Ha!) but it gets done!  I was also left with the responsibility for some grass seed we planted as well as the vegetable garden.   So far everything is coming along. I’ve already harvested some lettuce and I can’t wait to have fresh tomatoes and walk barefoot in the new grass. 

Turns out I’ve been enjoying the yard time too (especially the bunnies). I expect that I’ll continue once Bill returns.  We’ll just have to go out for dinner when it’s done since I won’t be inside cooking!

Happy July. I hope you enjoy all that summer in Rhode Island has to offer.

Maureen Cary
RI | Natural Awakenings |  401-709-2473

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Natural Awakenings
PO Box 548
Tiverton, RI 02878
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