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March 2018

Letter From the Publisher, Maureen Hart Cary

This is the second month in a row that I am writing this letter, not just early, but from an airplane. This is shaping up to be quite an interesting year. We are super excited for this, a ski trip in Vermont with four generations. Bill and I will arrive at Okemo Mountain with my parents and my daughter and her crew. We are just over the moon about skiing with everyone. The youngest will celebrate her third birthday while we are there; she is not quite ready to ski yet but soon!

It is turning out to be a very busy and exciting year where we have mostly not stopped and there is little hope for calm in the immediate future.  I am so thankful for all that is going on and also that I have been able to adopt meditation as a means to re-center myself.  Yes, I am still doing it and find it so powerful.

When we were in Florida, I was fortunate enough to witness another kind of history in the making when we attended the Space X Heavy Falcon Launch at the Kennedy Space Center a few weeks ago. Thanks to Elon Musk and his desire for space exploration, launches have been being deployed more often than ever before. With the Heavy Launch being the largest and most powerful ever sent up, complete with a Tesla Roadster in the nose of the rocket, Musk is now setting his sights on a colony on Mars. When you think of the courage these astronauts possess and the drive to explore the unknown, you can’t help but feel inspired.

We explore a little closer to home this month than Mars, looking at different cuisines. In our feature article “The Worlds Healthiest Cuisines” on page 20 we explore different ethnic cuisines,  and then in “Spice up Healthy Cooking” on page 26 we check out  some super spices that add not just flavor to your diet, but also possess proven health and wellness properties. I have to admit to not being much of an explorer when it comes to food. With an English/Irish background, there were not a lot of spices from the people that brought us boiled dinners!  I tend more towards the safe and known in my food adventures, but am resolved to try and experiment more.

With love, kindness, and peace


Maureen Cary
RI | Natural Awakenings |  401-709-2473