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October, 2017

Letter From the Publisher, Maureen Hart Cary

I like to think I lead a somewhat unusual, full life, until I see the paths that others have followed and mine becomes quite boring in comparison. Travel can create the spark we are looking for, and in our feature editorial, “Transformative Travel”, April Thompson offers some great suggestions for making the most of our journeys.

I love to travel, see new places and experience different cultures. However, our cats often make it difficult to travel for any length of time. Recently, though, we have found a wonderful solution for the care of our cats while we are busy living our unusual lives. 

Thanks to the wonders of modern technology, there are online sites that have found a way to match people who have pets and not-so-ordinary lives with like-minded people. Animal lovers who like to explore different places connect with animal owners who travel for whatever reasons and want to know their pets are taken care of by people who really care. There is a small fee on both sides to sign up, and then no money changes hands. What a great modern solution.

Speaking of cats, I love that our article “Feline Workforce”, on page 40, gives cats some good publicity. Cats do have different personalities, and some will be more inclined to be social and good-natured than others. Our two cats, Max and Bailey are brother and sister, but not only do they not look alike, their personalities are different. They both, however, are quite well-socialized since Bill and I mostly work from home and are available to talk to them and administer regular head scratching.

Nothing brings a smile faster to faces than a playful kitten, and I was lucky enough to spend an entire day with one at a yoga festival I recently attended. The woman at the next table had brought her kitten that she only had for two days. It was just wonderful to have such a furry ball of love spreading joy throughout the festival. I thoroughly enjoyed spending the time with the kitten; it was all I could do to give it back.

Whether you have adventures in your travels far and wide this fall, or prefer to stay local and explore all our community has to offer nearby, don’t forget to do it with intention. You never know how you might be transformed.

Happy Fall to all

Maureen Cary
RI | Natural Awakenings |  401-709-2473