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Welcome to Natural Awakening

Greater Rhode Island's Premiere Resource for
Natural and Green Living News and Events

September 2019

Letter From the Publisher, Maureen Hart Cary

Somehow, I have been writing this letter every month for 11 years.  I feel like I say that in September of every year, it doesn’t get any less astonishing how fast they all go by.  It’s a great time to reflect and see how far we’ve come.  In the beginning, I even did some of my own distribution, personally delivering to around 100 different locations every month.  Spending the last few days of each and every month driving around rain or shine, sleet or snow making sure the magazine was well placed. Looking back over the years, all that has changed and much that has stayed the same, both personally and professionally.  I still pop in to different locations to check on the magazines, but now I have a great team of people ensuring the magazine gets to everyone.

Though I had no idea what the coming years would bring, I wrote this in my very first Letter from the Publisher in September of 2008, and it still holds true today:


I am very excited to be bringing Natural Awakenings to our wonderful state. I have spent most of my life being committed to a more earth friendly approach to life whether it be a more tolerant approach to the people around me, a sensible approach to using the earths resources, or something more personal like the food I eat, inner peace, or the joy of a beautiful day.  A year ago this September, I discovered Natural Awakenings in Orlando Florida while on a visit to family.  I was so struck by the content, the layout and the message that I knew immediately this was my calling.  So here it is, the Rhode Island edition of Natural Awakenings and it is here for you, to keep you in touch with ways to better our lives and our communities.  Each month we will publish practical information on health, fitness, family, pets, art, and much more.  We hope you enjoy it, learn from it and rely on it as your healthy living resource guide.

 This is what we are here for.  During the coming months and years we are dedicated to serving you, our readers and our advertisers, in unique and wonderful ways.  We are dedicated to health happiness and sustainability and since you are reading this now, we believe we share that goal with you.


We continue to grow and morph with the years.  Soon we will be introducing a new website that is simpler to use with search capabilities, more full of current content and better tools for our supporting network of people..  There will be lots of new exciting options available as we continue on into 2020 and beyond!  We look forward to having you join us and grow our family on this adventure we call life.


Maureen Cary
RI | Natural Awakenings | 401-709-2473

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