Rhode Island Composts Its Way to a Sustainable Future

Rhode Island Composts Its Way to a Sustainable Future

Rhode Island Resource Recovery utilizes a program in partnership with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency called Food: Too Good To Waste. The program educates residents about food waste and helps families develop strategies for sustainable use of food products. The program explores topics such as smart shopping, smart storage to keep fruits and vegetable fresh, smart preparation and smart saving of leftovers. It also highlights The University of Rhode Island’s guidelines and hands-on workshops to uphold food preservation through proper canning, freezing and drying methods.

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Johnson & Wales University Providence is a recipient of the Food Recovery Achievement Certificate for food waste reduction. The university earned this distinction in 2015 from the Environmental Protection Agency for recycling more than 100 tons of food waste. The JWU News Blog reports that dining halls will begin recycling all food waste by Fall 2016. The university also plans to install a food digester that turns food waste into small briquettes to be used as soil supplement throughout the campus.

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The Compost Plant is a commercial food scrap collection company. The management team is led by Leo Pollock and Nat Harris, whose visions are informed by urgency, entrepreneurship and environmental stewardship. The company website states that in as little as 20 years, Rhode Island’s only landfill will reach full capacity. To date, The Compost Plant has diverted 1,340 tons of organics from landfills. The business picks up waste from higher-educational institutions, restaurants, supermarkets, resorts, religious institutions, military installations, prisons, hospitals, casinos and more. All waste is delivered to Earth Care Farm in Charlestown to be processed into high-quality compost.

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ecoRI Earth is a residential food scrap collection service that services residents throughout Providence, Edgewood and Southern Pawtucket. Clients can choose between weekly and twice-monthly collection. Each home receives a 5-gallon food scrap pail to be filled with fruit and vegetables, coffee grounds and filters, teabags, egg shells and greasy pizza boxes. Every spring clients receive a 5-gallon pail of compost for gardening.

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